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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sept 19, 2013

Dear "pamilya" and friends,
"Kumusta po kayo?!!!" Tell me all about the life in America! I've had such an amazing week! "sobra Magaling" (very great) I'm seriously so grateful for the wonderful "pagkakataon" (opportunity) to be able to train here in the Philippines MTC. I seriously love all these missionaries! We are seriously one big, huge "pamilya".  We have so much fun, and we're creating so many memories.  The Senior batch leaves next week on Wednesday, and so I'm super sad about it. i have come to truly love these Elders and Sisters! We've grown so close in just a few weeks...It's crazy how fats you can love people. It's so fun to learn all about these different cultures. they're all so unique. I really don't want to come home lol "dahil" (because) a lot of these Elders and Sisters are Islanders and some i'll never get to see again so that breaks my heart. That's why i'm cherishing every moment I get with them. However, knowing me i'll find a way to see them "dahil" theres always a way. The coolest thing is watching each other as we progress and grow as missionaries. I am finding such joy in the privilege that I have to be serving as a missionary. To be worthy and faithful enough to qualify for the Lords work.
I am so proud to call myself a missionary! I'm "sobra masaya" (very happy) that I made this choice!!!! Thanks to all those who support me ! This week I truly understood the importance of missionary work. I truly understood my purpose. I came to know that its okay to make mistakes. there's no need to become discouraged, "whom the Lord calls the Lord will qualify." However, I must seek to improve every day, there is no in between,  And obedience is key! No one can access the Spirit unless you are worthy and obedient. When God knows you're ready, your investigator will be ready. I know that my Heavenly Father is preparing people to hear the gospel and he's hoping I amam ready to teach. We (missionaries) are the link from where they (converts/investigators) are what they can become. I am now an instrument of the Lord. i have been placed here in the Philippines because that's where HE felt I will be of the most benefit. I have 18 months to fulfill my duty. i must gve it my all out there in the feild. I must make memories worht reminicing about...NO REGRETS!
Here's a quoite from Elder Echo Hawk (convert)...From our Devotional this Tuesday:
"The work you are embarking on now has eternal consequences...there may be future leaders out there ...if you fail to meet you're scared calling, that has eternal consequences as well."
Thank you all for the wonderful emails! I love reading them all. Sorry for all the short responses and the NO responses...I only have an hour to read and type...So i'm trying my best. Have a magaling week! Love you ALL!!!!!   

p.s. I get to go proselyting next Wednesday! Stay tuned to hear all about it! I actually get to go out onto the feild and get on the jeepneys, and tricycles, and yea. "Paalam!" (goodbye) Make good choices!!!!
Sister Bautista (:

Here's a 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

1st week in the Manila MTC

Hey Family and Friends,
Oh my gosh it is 10AM Friday here so its about 5 or 6PM Thursday there? i'm not sure. Anyway, the MTC is way too much fun!! I don't know where to start, and I only have 1 hour. Our P-days are on Friday not Monday. Once we get out on the feild it will change to Friday. On Friday our schedule will change, for the times we can email home. I'll keep you updated. Anyway, ahhh theres so much to say! I am just picking up the language like no other, I can testify in Tagalog and I can say opening prayer in Tagalog when teaching an investigator. I can say basic things in the language and it is so nice to know that I am able to just soak it all up.

I went to the Manila temple at like 7AM this morning? If you haven't been to the temple then that means you need to go there ASAP!  Anyway sorry for jumping around so much.  Did I tell you I tried fried fish with the whole body and everything?! Yea, it was actually good. Anyway, I am still adjusting to the food, when I want other Elder's and Sister's desserts or food, like when we get ICE-CREAM or DONUTS like every once in a blue moon I just bat my eyes and smile and ask, and they give it to me! Thank you Heavenly Father for making me somewhat cute so I get good food. Oh yesterday morning we had CEREAL!!!!! Finally, usually its some crazy stuff, but since I made friends witht the cafeteria lady and made some connections with some Elders I get to ask for more of the good food whenever I want! Awesome right?! Well, I am going to enjoy all the good food I get while it lasts because once i'm out on the field,  I'm not going to get the good foods i'm familiar with. So anyway as I was heading to the temple I was telling my "Kasamas" ...I call my roomies companions (Kasamas) haha we get along so well. They are so darn funny. So anyway, I told them we should go cross the street to head to the temple. My companion had said she was scarred so we
asked the guard if it would be ok,since we were supposed to be there at 6:30AM and he pointed us to
another direction. Who knew that Heavenly Father seriously loves us and is watching over us. The MTC has an underground tunnel , full of like Picture frames of the Savior, that leads you right to Temple grounds, It's the coolest thing. The temple is so beautiful! and oh my It's just so's not as big as the Temple in Vegas but its still pretty great. Anyway, when there is something difficult the filipino's say "nose-bleed" just like we say "oh piece of cake" when something is easy. So it has rained about 3 times and its unlike anything I have ever seen before.
Ummm, apparently I am good at basketball...and everyone wants me on there team...I mean who wouldn't "joklang" haha means "joking". what else can I tell you????  I left my planner upstairs where it had everything I wanted to say, but I don't want to waste a second I get to email home. Oh did I tell you I also went to the market which is like 3 minutes away and bought chocolate?! Yeah, I did because thats like my dinner haha. ok I can't think of anything else to say...but I know there's so much more I'd like to say, I just can't think so I am going to send some pictures.
oh, by the way I have like a ton of slave (; who just take my trays and sister Walker and I are getting like all the attention.
There was a devotional and they choose me to say closing prayer and some sisters were like, why do they always pick you? And I said idk but in my mind i was like "I mean seriously why wouldn't you pick me" haha maybe my heads getting a little to big being here..whoops! I will try being humble.
So Anyway in my prayer I had messed up on one of the Elders name who's serving here with his wife...he's super funny he's from Utah I think,  so the next day he put a sticker on with  the wrong name I had said when referring to him...Instead of "jackson" I said "johnson" haha everyone was giving me such a hard time but it was funny... I can't think of anything else so when I do I will let you know on friday.
MTC President Beck said not to have anyone send packages because it gets crazy and then when we leave its hard to track.  They said to send it to my mission address...idk what thaT IS SO i WILL HAve it next Friday. Uhm, Love you all tons!!!

Ugh, camera cord not working, pictures next week..

Love you all,
Sister Bautista

Monday, September 2, 2013

Arrived at Manila MTC

We received our first letter from Sister Bautista, she said e trip was amazing.  At this point she is all smiles.  We will post weekly as her letters come in.