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Sunday, October 6, 2013


October 4, 2013

Dear "Pamilya" and Friends,




Yet! Email day is like Christmas plus birthday plus all the holidays combined! It's my favorite part of P-day! "Dahil" (because) I get to write to all my loved ones. My "pamilya"! My friends! "salamat po" (thank you) for all the love and support! I love reading all your emails!


This week has been bitter sweet. I cannot believe I have 4 more days left of training here at the MTC and then I'll be off to the Quezon City North Mission! This is such an incredible place to learn, grow, and strengthen myself as a missionary. I have loved every moment here in the MTC. I've made lifelong friends for sure! No doubt about it! There are about 200 Language Training Missionaries here and you wonder why we're so close (:. I don't want to leave "dahil" so maraming (many) great memories were made here, "pero" (but) it's time to flip over to the next page of my missionary journey. To the field I go in 4 days!!!!


I went proselyting this week on Wednesday and it was such a humbling experience! Wow so humbling. I am so grateful for all the chores I had. For having to clean out my fridge when food spilt over because I had food in there to eat. I'm grateful for having to clean bathrooms because I had a toilet, a shower, a sink, tile floor to clean...I'm grateful for toilet paper and soap!!!!...I am so grateful for all that I have! For the beautiful "pamilya" that I have who love me oh so much! And I just adore you all in every way shape and form ha-ha the things I saw was something I have never seen was so different. When we left the MTC to head out to the Quezon City Mission to meet up with the in field missionaries I saw so much on the streets. I saw this small boy a few inches shorter than me who was walking the streets and if you read my email last week you know that there are only 2 lanes going each way but sometimes there seems to be 6 the roads are pretty busy. Anyway, as I looked at the boy he was holding an elderly man’s hand and sticking/ guiding the man through the small spaces he could fit where all the cars were going through and anyway, the boy was putting the elderly man’s hand inside peoples window for money...and so I took a closer look at the elderly man from inside the back window of the van I was in and I saw that the man was blind. His eyes were not even that developed one was like half open but like his lids were was so sad. All of a sudden I couldn’t see anymore what I was looking at was becoming blurry "dahil" my eyes were being to fill with tears. Wow.


Anyway, I had finally arrived at the MTC and suddenly my sad tears turned into happy ones because some of the sisters from the last batch that left 2 weeks ago were there!!!!! I was like OH MY NO STINKIN WAY!!!! And so we all got assigned a companionship so I was assigned with one of the sisters from the last batch so I was super excited about that plus her companion. And my language teacher Sister Hernadez who I just love were like BFFs (; actually everyone is my BFF ha-ha anyway I convinced her to come with me instead of joining another companionship. So we planned and then went out to the field. I was like O M Goodness I am about to be walking. So we crossed the busy streets and I was like afraid for my life "pero" I was like 'oh wait, I’m being watched over ' so all of a sudden I became fearless ha-ha and wow alot of the conditions were like the ones in the small towns in Mexico. The whole place had an interesting smell, and it wasn't that sanitary "pero" its "ok-lang" "dahil" I have to get used to it. Embrace the culture (: these are now my people. Anyway, we got on a jeepney and man was it small and crowded ha-ha but it was way fun! Then we got off and headed off to the 1st appointment but they weren't there...bummer. So we went to the next appointment  and no one was home so you know missionaries always has to have a backup plan and so street contacting and knocking on doors! And so then I was beginning to feel nervous "dahil" I realized I didn't know a lot of tagalog....But my teacher was like the next door is yours and I like to make her proud and so I was like "Ok-lang!!!" but deep down I was so nervous but I did it and after that I didn't care about the language I was just talking to everyone and at the end everyone was like "woah you impressed us!" and they're like usually people are shy and the scary part for them is talking and I was like oh ha-ha I love to be kind to everyone and talk to everyone ha-ha Good thing I came prepared. I gave away! BOM with my name and the other 3 sisters and I wrote my testimony in there and I also gave away a pamphlet. My teacher and I got 2 referrals and it was so great!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to be fine! (: I need to practice my Tagalog! "pero" it was so fun!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I’m so proud of myself. I am so glad my teacher was like go....cause the others 2 sisters were a bit shy "pero" they are awesome at speaking and so I was just talking and stuff and they backed me up when I needed the help (: cause when they would talk to someone on the street ..Sister Hernandez with her eyes would look at me and motion to someone walking along that street and I would say what I had to say "Kumusta po kayo? Mga misyoneros po kami. para sa simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga Hulin Araw. “And I would ask them about their "pamylia" "trabajo" and just gained their trust first and share something about how families can be together forever and the atonement and it was so great! My teacher definitely helped alot I learned so much from her. I got so lucky that she said she would join our companionship...she loves me! Ha-ha and everyone else just me more ha-ha "joke-lang" anyway I love service!!! btw we did get ignored at times and people said some rude comments "pero" that’s "ok-lang" we still think they're awesome (: so that’s that now got to send pictures! Btw I leave next week on Oct.9 and so when I get out to the mission field I will miss p-day. "dahil" my p-days will change to Mondays and I will get 2 hours! So next email will be on Oct.14 so talk to you all then! (: Take Care! God Bless!  I invite you to count your blessings this week (: Love you all!



Sister Bautista

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