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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Typhoon, safe in the Lords care!

My legs are seriously being taken over by mosquito bites! My legs and top of my feet are super itchy!!! Last night during our coordination meeting, Elder Asetre was telling me how I'm staring to look like a dalmatian haha because I have spots (red) everywhere... I have over 26+ .The member's are so worried about my bites and all try to help me haha Elder Barcon thinks I have some sort of skin disease. But really they are only mosquito bites. I love how caring our ward members are. Anyway, want to hear something gross? The bottoms of my feet are all peeling and looks like I have athletes foot or fungus, but i don't know ! Maybe it's from walking in the rain in my crocs, and it irritates my feet. It's so gross, just thought i'd share . 

Anyway, this week was crazy. Many were panicked, and there were a lot of people who were injured because of this natural disaster  super typhoon, Typhoon Yolanda it was the worst in the Philippines. I appreciate all your love and concern from all of you. I appreciate all the prayers and all the emails and you are all so great. I feel so loved! Thank you all! I am grateful for each one of you. However, no one needs to worry. All our missionaries are okay. OUR area was not affected at all. It was actually in a different part of the Philippines , not sure where exactly. Anyway, I received this from one of my emails: "The world is running out of time, why do you think the age was lowered? The Lord needs missionaries, and not just young men and woman called to serve. He needs young disciples  who are strong, loyal, obedient,  and filled with his light... Remember many are called, but few are chosen.Do what it takes to be chosen." I know I have been preserved and reserved for these latter days. Especially, at this time there are many who need comfort, and peace. I came into this mission with a strong testimony. I came into this mission knowing my purpose, and why i wanted to serve. I am here because in the pre-existence I made a promise to my brothers and sisters. I promised them I would keep hold of the iron rod. I have a great responsibility in HIS great plan of salvation. I am here to influence the world to do good. I am here to build relationships. I am here to strengthen testimonies. I am to hold up my light that it may shine unto the world. 

We may not all know why things happen, and why it happens to certain people. We have to trust our Heavenly Father and know that he sees the bigger picture, and he knows what's best for us. I ask you all to keep the families of the people who were affected by Typhoon Yolanda, in your prayers. 

Sister Bautista


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