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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 3 in the field

Dear "Pamily at mga Kaibigan,"

Magandang Umaga Po! (good Afternoon) It's 3:00PM on a Monday and I just got back from the Avilon Zoo! It was an activity planned by our zone leaders. So that was so fun! I have such a great zone. there's never a dull moment. I'm always laughing, and having such a great time. Guess what was at the Zoo?? A Huge fish about 4ft or bigger and guess what they eat??? ...CHICKEN HEADS?! what in the What , right?! Crazy! I have never heard of such a thing. I also saw some of the most exotic birds and the most amazing scenery! Pictures soon to come (prob. in a month). I also almost had a white tiger jump up against the fence where i was standing. i guess it didn't like me because i was trying to take a picture of it. It also growled at me, and i seriously almost tumbled over, it was that powerful, and I was so scarred! 

Anyway, my legs have been itching all week! I have counted... 14 mosquito bites on my left leg and foot; and 9 more mosquito bites on the right and lower ankle. Many have been commenting on my legs. You should see their facial expressions! But what do you expect when there's red blotches everywhere haha I use the mosquito repellent lotion provided to all missionaries. Maybe it washes off or something because of the rain?  "Hindi ko Alam" (i dont know) 

By thw way, I came to realize a lot this week. I can't conversate! I can share the gospel in Tagalog, of course not all perfectly, but pretty good. I can do basic small talk, but when you start whipping out Tagalog at a super fast speed I get "major nose-bleed" (Filipino phrase meaning difficult). And apparently I have a cute accent?!I thought I sounded like a native, and I thought I spoke pretty well?! Have I been lied too? This one members comment kind of threw me off this week and I started struggling with the language . It's okay "...Lifes battles don't always go to the stronger and faster man; But sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can." (Walter D. Wingle) I got this! It doesn't happen over night, that's for sure. So this last week on Wednesday our district had a service project. The Elders got to scrub moss off with a toothbrush (cleaning out someones driveway) while us sisters got to help make some delicious food! We got to help make "bihon at palitaw" it was so fun! After, that we, sisters, helped the Elders scrub moss. I swear something always goes wrong when I try to help. As i was scrubbing the moss off, with a toothbrush, I somehow broke a huge chunck of concrete. the elders are so funny. They said " well, on the bright side..that's a huge chunk of moss you don't have to scrub off" so thats good right?

other things that went wrong this week:

-almost broke Sister xxxxxxxxx (Recent Convert) door. As I was pushing it forward you should of heard her and her 13 children and my kasama all speaking at once trying to stop me haha Luckily, it did not break...phew!
-I got in the wrong tricycle. My kasama was looking at me like 'what are you doing' and the driver was looking at me funny. I was so embarrassed , and there were many people around us...

Anyway, thats all i have time for! By the way, i just got mail run this last Friday so I recieved a few letters! Thank you for the surprise (: You all are so great and so supportive I love it! I will respond to all of them so expect it in like a moth because we get mailrun next 2-3 weeks and so by the time they send it out ....yeah. 

Anyway, youth is great! one of them came over this last Sunday so I could curl her hair I may have a beauty salon here (; haha "joke-lang) but everyone wants me to fix there hair. I tell them they can come during my lunch time haha cause i don't have much time ....always preparing and studying....

It was so grea we had this Recent convert 19 yrs old nd she has been praying for he missinaries to come and we just happened to show up at her door. I'm sorry I am out of time, but I can see that as I strive to be exactly obedient mI see many miracles happen every day. the mission is so great! I am loving every bit of it. I Love being a Missionary! I love it oh so much! 

Love you all and thank you for all the support and love I receive from you all! Thank you!!!

Sister Bautista

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